Friday, July 27, 2007

Radnor run

This morning, I went to Radnor Lake, our treasured state natural area down the street, for a run. It was 82 degrees and quite humid, 65 percent. I ran a modest pace down to Franklin Road, which is 2.5 miles away from the West Entrance parking lot, and headed back.

Those of you who know the hill from Franklin Road back to the park know it is a bear, especially in heat. A year or two ago, I might have mailed it in, walking the 3/4-mile slope. The elevation change is about 250 feet. In crisp fall air, it's not too tough; in the summer, it's a challenge. Up I went at a modest pace.

I finished the five miles in 44:47, or an 8:56 pace. I didn't push it because I want to preserve some energy for Sunday's long run. I'm at 20 miles for the week, so I'm thinking 10 will be a good distance on Sunday. Yesterday, I did some good strength and stretching. Training has become more of a mind game to me this year, since about May, really. I have had some downs, including one very frustrating 7-mile run with friend Chuck Hargrove, who has been helpful to me. But most of my training this summer, in the heat I used to whine about, has had ups. I actually have said several times summer running has been fun. The key is to mix in some treadmill runs. Also, I have become a smarter runner, knowing what to add to my regimen and what to avoid - both through trial and error and by reading magazines and other people's running blogs.

I'm at Hotel Vandy with Dori and the kids. Mom watched Kathryn and Will this morning. When I got to Mom's kitchen, out walks Kathryn with a snazzy new haircut. She looks like Farrah Fawcett! Dori did a double-take when she walked in the room. I will post a few photos later, but it's amazing to see our beautiful little girl take one step closer to being a young lady.

Friend John Marcheschi, he of the infamous posts on CaringBridge, will be in town this evening. We'll go to my Mom's for dinner, which is always fun. John and I will visit Dori tomorrow morning. I also plan to swing by a City Paper reunion this afternoon. I loved working at The City Paper as business editor. Looking forward to seeing Paige and my many good friends from Newspaper Land.

To all you Vandy fans ... aren't you pumped that football this year looks promising? It's the first time since I can remember we've had three respectful recruiting classes with good senior leadership. WR Earl Bennett says the goal is a BCS bowl, not just a bowl. Set your sights high, let everyone laugh, then do it.

Dori will join me this year as Vandy plays in a BCS bowl. That sounds nice.



lcreekmo said...

Jim, I don't know how you did that run this a.m.!! It has been like swimming all day outside, it's been so humid. Keep up the great efforts!

Anonymous said...

Jim, don't be frustrated by your training. The seven-mile run that day was the really first hot day of summer. Hang in there, stay persistent, hydrated and keep training. Please join us for running when you can. Your recent quality workouts and times prove you are on the right track. Goodness knows you have fortitude and inspiration.

Your vocation as husband and dad surpasses all.

Chuck Hargrove