Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Relief and joy

A lot of people asked me today how it feels when you hear your wife is "negative for leukemia," as today's report read. You feel relieved and joyful. Dori used the same words, along with happy and grateful.

You thank the Lord for a reprieve for your wife and children. You also think about getting this ship, which is now patched up and seaworthy, to the dock. Mission one accomplished ... Getting Dori cured is mission two. Sorry, I'm an old Navy guy.

I am at Hotel Vandy with Dori, who is laughing on the phone with friend Liz McConnell (Scott's wife). We had a wonderful dinner from Margot Cafe. It's French and Italian country food on par with the best cuisine in the country. I bought a super-tasty bottle of French red and some creme brulee for Dori (her favorite), and we shook up this sterile joint. We had a wonderful celebration.

Dori and I have become friends with several folks on the 11th floor. We were delighted to hear Kim Swindall, married to Dori's former co-worker Melody, went in to remission yesterday. We are praying hard for Chuck and Abbie Hendry. Chuck is battling AML and is having a rough time with chemo.

Dori finished Lance Armstrong's book, It's Not About the Bike. She loved it, even underlining certain passages. The kids are now donning two junior LiveStrong bracelets for their strong Mom. They, along with our wonderful families, were very happy today.

I ran 3.2 miles last night untimed in our neighborhood. Pepper ran with me, which was fun. He keeps getting attacked by other dogs, even though he is deaf and does not taunt. You should hear me scare the crap out of attacking dogs. Don't mess with a man dealing with his wife's leukemia. Today, I ran 7 miles at the Y in 1:00:10.

Thank you for your prayers of thanks and hope as we continue this journey.



Paige Clancy said...

Hi Jim,

Congratulations to you and Dori!

This song came on our iPod this morning, and I immediately thought, "This could be Jim's anthem!"


Paige Clancy said...
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