Sunday, July 15, 2007


I wasn't the happiest camper on Friday. On Thursday, I had been told the preliminary results of Dori's biopsy looked encouraging. (We had asked not to know the prelim results, by the way). On Friday, the doctors walked into Dori's room, and I knew we were not going to hear good news.

So Round Two of chemo is underway. I won't recap the status. That's on tonight's CaringBridge post, linked to your left. I will, however, share some insight on what the last 48 hours have been like.

First, they seem like two weeks, not 48 hours. Time is creeping along. Days seem like weeks, weeks like months and the first month at VUMC like a year. Now imagine how it looks to Dori, who is experiencing all of this in a small room, and occasionally the 11th floor. The occasional trip to the 1st floor x-ray room must feel like a drive to Franklin.

Most folks who know me well know I'm not often at a loss for words. I said very little Friday day and night, which I spent with Dori, and not much more Saturday. I finally felt the blood starting to circulate last night at my Mom's house, where I had dinner with family. Today, which started with a 5 a.m. run on Belle Meade Blvd., has been much better. The will to get back at this and encourage Dori to ultimate victory has returned. Church this morning, as well as good time spent with the kids, also helped. Will and I watched the Cubs on TV and he pitched to me. The kid has a live arm and spots his fastball. Watch out, David Price.

So we got some lemons on Friday. Today, we're sipping lemonade. I know Dori has the will to win this fight. Some days, like Friday, have been tough. But losing is not an option. If we need to get Tim Corbin (again), Bobby Johnson, half the VU baseball and football teams, and the school marching band in her room, we'll do it. Dori, who has started a goal list in her journal, adores Vanderbilt sports, like me. Watching Vanderbilt at a bowl game is on my list this fall. So, now, is having Dori at my side. I hope she adds that to her goal list. My bet is she will when she reads this.


Weekly training recap
Monday - Strength and stretching
Tuesday - 5k, 27:00, 4 1/4 miles at 1:40 pace
Wednesday - 10k, 54:36
Thursday - 2.5 mi. untimed
Saturday - 2.5 mi., 23:00
Sunday - 5.5 mi., 51:40, then 2.1 untimed

Total - 22.9 miles

Remarks - I need new shoes in a big way. The last two weeks of running have been tougher on me. It is time to get weekly miles up near 28-30 a week, then 30-35 the last few weeks.


Sarah Fairbank said...

Go get the new shoes today! That's something you can control, and your knees and hips will thank you.

Your running is inspiring -- my only modes in this heat seem to be "lumbering" and "waddling", but you inspire the less fleet among us to keep on keeping on, no matter the circumstances.

Sarah Fairbank

Jim said...


Thanks ... I bought a pair today at Athlete's House. I opted for more cushion this time. I was sore today after yesterday's 8 miles, and it was totally because of the shoes.

Do you run in the sun? Waking up at 4:30 isn't too much fun, but running without the sun is. Otherwise, the YMCA has some wonderful treadmills! Happy running and tell Chip hello.