Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Results later today?

Dori called to tell me the docs may have the biopsy results a little early, perhaps today. I am heading to VUMC soon to be with her this afternoon.

The kids have playdates soon and will be with my Mom and step-father Dan again tonight. They love going over there (lots of computer time, sports on TV and good food).

I ran last night at the Y and again this morning. I ran an easy 5K in 27:00, then did 4 1/4 miles at 1:40. This morning, I ran an easy 10K in 54:36. HR was 157 after, 114 after three minutes. I don't have much in the tank right now, just getting in the miles. Plan is to run another 7-8 before the weekend, then go 10 early Sunday. It is supposed to be cool this weekend ... which will be nice.

Praying hard for good results. Dori and I will welcome good news.


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