Saturday, July 7, 2007

Welcome, good news.

Finally, we have some good news. Last night, Dr. Greer told Dori and me the team isn't sure they see any leukemia from the recent biopsy. The doctors confirmed that view after comparing the first and recent samples of her marrow.

Their first thought Thursday was some leukemia remained after chemo, but now, they're not sure. So chemo is on hold, and Dori is scheduled for another biopsy on Tuesday.

Dori decided we should not share the news last night until the doctors were all onboard with their assessment. This morning, the doctors said they all concurred with the assessment and plan. We were encouraged last night, but didn't want to spread false hope to family and friends. As hard as it was not to tell immediate family, I think Dori made the right call. Dori and I have both taken the approach not to get too low when we hear bad news and not too high when we hear good news. The end goal is to win, and you must focus on clearing hurdles, both high and low.

I really think leukemia picked the wrong girl to mess with. Dori has found a lot of courage from within through this ordeal. Three weeks ago, the thought of a needle in her back and extracting marrow made her very uneasy. Tuesday, she will get her third biopsy. Dori started in Biopsy Double AA, but now is a Biopsy Big Leaguer. She is still walking and riding the bike each day, and is planning to visit fellow patients this weekend on the 11th floor. One is a friend of a friend of my sister Anne (he just checked in), and another is the husband of a former co-worker. Dori mentioned when she gets healed that she will be "doing something good to help those in a similar situation and something to give back." She's not sure what that is, but she's resolved to something significant. I think she's already doing that.

My sister Anne and I went out to Mafioso's last night for pizza and beers. We had the best service from Justin, a 22-year-old with the looks and personality of Matthew Broderick. He played along with us all night as we did Top 5 lists (Top 5 movies, dinner guests we'd like to have, musicians, etc.). It was good to get out. Mom watched the kids, who love hanging at Nana's. For the record, here are some of my Top 5s:

Top 5 Dinner Guests
Abraham Lincoln
Winston Churchill
Gene Wilder
J.R.R. Tolkein
Mark Knopfler

Top 5 Musicians/Groups
Dire Straits
The Police
The Moody Blues

Top 5 Movies
It's a Wonderful Life
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Saving Private Ryan
Raiders of the Lost Ark

What are yours? Please share!

Run for Dori Update: I ran yesterday on the treadmill. Five miles at 41:30, an 8:18 pace. I felt heavy again. Ann DeNunzio and I pushed back our long run to Sunday morning. I may run a few miles today, or just join my kids at the pool with my Mom, or both.


Jim said...

Here are Dori's:

Top 5 Movies
Pretty in Pink
Terms of Endearment
Little Miss Sunshine
A Beautiful Life
Sound of Music

Top 5 Musicians
John Denver
Nickel Creek
Simon & Garfunkel

Top 5 Dinner Guests
Jay Cutler
Ellen DeGeneres (Jim is also a big fan ... funny chick with spirit)
Kathryn, Will and Jim


Summer said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear that y'all received some good news!!!

And I do hope your Wonka movie reference is for the '71 version. That one I would have on my Top Five List too. Not the Depp version. And Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. My number one for sure!!!

I love Dori's idea of having Ellen at dinner, but I'm afraid my food would come spewing across the table in bursts of laughter. The menu would have to be something easy to clean up... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Runcie's choices are (not ranked)
Top 5 Movies
Lonesome Dove
Field of Dreams
Cinderella Man
It's a Wonderful Life

Top 5 Musicians
Keith Green
Mark O'Connor
Twilla Paris
Paul McCartney
John Denver

Top 5 Dinner Guest
Billy Graham
Benjamin Netanyahu
Antonin Scalia
Ken Burns (documentarian)
Michael Crichton

Donna's choices are (again, unranked)

Top 5 Movies
Tommy Boy
Old School
Sound of Music
It's a Wonderful Life
Cinderella Man

Top 5 Musicians
John Denver (he visited my table once at Sunset Grille!)
George Winston
Simon and Garfunkel

Top 5 Dinner Guest
Paris Hilton (just kidding)
George Bush (the older)
Jeannette Walls (author of Glass Castle: A Memoir - I loved it)
Will Smith
Elisabeth Hasselback
Kelly Ripa

Jim and Dori-
We are so happy about the most recent news. We continue to pray for you daily.
Runcie and Donna

Jim said...

Summer, of course it's the first Willy Wonka! I couldn't watch the remake.

Donna, I love yours and Runcie's Top 5s. You share a lot of the same Top 5s with Dori, and she also loves Will Smith (I do, too.).

Check this out if you love the Fresh Prince: