Thursday, July 12, 2007

Funny moments from the first month

OK, since we we're waiting interminably for biopsy results, how 'bout a little levity?!?! Dori and I did a little Super Friends' "twin powers activate" and came up with the following:

One of our favorites: Jim's college buddy John Marcheschi declaring his public love on CaringBridge for Dori, and alarmingly, for Jim, who brings out "his gay-recessive gene" and who he looks at like a curious step-brother. Several of Dori's friends have asked who John is. Here's the cliff's notes version. John has his feet firmly planted in two states - Hilarious and Disturbing. And that's the way we like him.

"I'm not a cripple." - Dori, after Jim offered to help Dori get something during chemo. "And no one said you are, honey."

Dori: "Yes, and tomorrow, nine more doctors are going to look at my a** again to see how my bruise looks."
Jim: "And yes, once again, they will come away impressed."
(Applause to Dori for getting in touch with her inner sailor's mouth during chemo)

During the first week, we put up many photos in Dori's room, one of which has Jim holding a large rainbow trout when he was 25 pounds heavier and wearing a Bill Murray-like Caddyshack hat. Jim could not resist writing, self-deprecatingly, on the photo, "Jabba no look good ... nice fish though." This made Dori very happy.

Dori called Jim at home during the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," when Marshall was preparing to run a marathon ... Marshall was applying vaseline to his nipples (we runners do this to avoid chafing) while giving himself a pep talk. The fact this made Dori laugh hysterically is mildly bothersome to Jim, but I'll take one for the team. Did you know bananas are your friends?

"You look like you should be running an art gallery in San Francisco." - Jim to Dori when she put on her reading glasses after getting her head shaved. The vote is in, folks, from everyone on the 11th floor - Dori is still cute as a button.

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lcreekmo said...

Jim, This gave me a laugh here on Friday morning. Lots of us out here thinking positive thoughts on the biopsy....hope you all are having a good day.

Betsy said...

Jimmy, If I could use my strong will to make it better I would. The four of you are in my prayers.