Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good week of running

Before I get all impressed with myself ... check this out. Dori exercised THREE TIMES yesterday after a week of chemo. THREE TIMES! She walked twice and rode the bike for 17 minutes. Do you think that inspired me? You bet your rump it did.

This morning, I ran the full length of Belle Meade Blvd. twice with our good friend, Ann DeNunzio. That's 11 miles, or just a tiny shade under. Ann is a machine - she's run the Boston, Chicago and New York marathons. At the latter, she ran an amazing time, like a 3:40 or something. Ann, who is planning to join me in Virginia Beach Sept. 2, was my rabbit today. We were blessed with very good conditions - 65 degrees and 65% humidity.

The first 5.5 miles went well, but around mile six, Ann started pulling ahead. We ran the first 5.5 in 47:10, or an 8:34 pace. Ann picked it up, and pulled ahead of me by 10-15 seconds. I worked to stay with her. At 8.25 miles, I was at 1:10:10, or an 8:30 pace. That's where I noticed a bloody right nipple. Off went the shirt. Thank God very few motorists were around.

The last 2.75 miles are mostly uphill. Not steep, but good gradual gradients. Ann pulled 30 seconds ahead of me, willing me to follow. I did, keeping her in check (I know she dialed it down a time or two ... she looked in good form today). I was really feeling the run now, but no way was I not going to go sub 9:00 for 11 miles after Dori's regimen yesterday. Of note, Dori is reading "It's Not About The Bike" by Lance Armstrong, which I can't wait to get my hands on. I'm also wearing one of Lance's yellow LiveStrong bracelets, courtesy of my sister Anne's good friend Kristen Meadows. I looked at that bracelet a lot the last two miles. Welcome, Pain. Hope you enjoy my finish, courtesy of Ann, Lance and mostly Dori.

I reached the Percy Warner Park gate in 1:34:41. That's an 8:36 pace, not shabby for a big boy like me. I am most pleased with last 2:75 miles, which I ran modestly uphill at an 8:58 pace. This came on the heels of a four-mile run last night at Radnor Lake at an 8:08 pace. Total mileage for the last six days is 29 miles. Training is going well.

I am off to Pancake Pantry soon to visit with good friend Chip Saltsman, who is running Mike Huckabee's campaign for president. I like Huckabee, and not just because he's a runner. He's a common-sense guy. Looking forward to hearing about the campaign and seeing Chip.

Kathryn gets to fish today with one of her teachers, Mrs. O'Neal, and three good friends from school. Their parents invited K-girl, and she's pleased as punch. Will and I will go see Mom around lunchtime. We'll watch some sports later today and relax. I am looking forward to a few cold ones and melting in my chair.



Sarah Fairbank said...

I was on my bike on the Blvd. this morning and missed you as the shirtless wonder -- dang! Must say, like you, after hearing about Dori's regimen, I'm much less impressed with myself for getting out this morning before work. Although you should be pleased with today's run -- the second time around that loop is a killer, and you held a good pace.

Enjoy baseball and beer today -- you've earned them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

Thanks for this gives this out of shape 40 year old much needed inspiration to get back into action! I think of you every day as I do my 5 mile walk from our house through Vanderbilt and around a bit and back. I hope you can catch some of the good thoughts I send to you each day.

Thanks also for the fundraising efforts for the L&L parents and rest of my family are pretty active in different chapters and are happy any time someone can bring light to the issue. My brother has also been inspired by you (his wife has non-hodgkin's lymphoma) and thinks of you as he runs the hills of NH...wants you to know that you have a guy pulling for you on the east coast who is also in a simiar situation. He's offered to talk with you if you would ever find it helpful. Somehow he has found a way to happily manage 3 kids,work, coaching 3 baseball teams, playing ball himself, and dealing with Martha's on-off treatments for the past 3 years. He maintains that life goes on, life is good and there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. Sounds a lot like you, I think.

As you know, we are yankees from New England who always want to respect one's privacy/space...however, we really do want to help you guys out...anything really! Please keep us in mind...William & John both love Will (although John still calls him Mr. Brown) and I am home full-time...the offer stands...

My mom just finished 6 weeks of daily radiation , after 5 months of aggressive chemo for breast cancer. She says she can "see the sun beginning to shine again." She also says-almost daily- "this too shall pass". You remain in her prayers, as well as my dad's.

You attitude, spirit and strength continue to amaze Brent and are truly doing heroic stuff.

Enjoy the "cold one" today!

Elizabeth Antony

Jim said...


Thanks for your support. We've enjoyed your CaringBridge posts. Be glad you did not spot me shirtless.


Anonymous said...

Once I removed my shirt while running on Belle Meade Boulevard. Some woman commented how my shirtless, pale body reminded her to buy some Hungry Jack biscuits at Kroger.

By the way, those are great times for BMB. 11 miles, that is an impressive feat. You are ready for the warner 11.2 main drive.