Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waiting again

It's been an emotional last few days for everyone in our clan, especially Dori and the kids. I'll go light on details and talk big picture - we are praying hard for Mom to get good biopsy results soon. I am optimistic after a few letdowns. Dori and I agreed again to approach as we have before.

Kathryn said some funny things to me the last 24 hours. Last night, she noted, "No offense, Dad, you're a great Dad but not a great Mom." Agreed. There is only one great Mom. Today, she cushioned the blow by adding, "Well, you're doing an OK job as a Mom without much experience." I love her take on things. K-girl and I fished for two hours this afternoon (her request) at Marrowbone Lake. We caught some nice bluegill, but more importantly, had some poignant conversation and good time together. Will has had a play day with his buddy, William Antony.

Our friend, Scott McConnell, heard some good news overall today. The largest of three tumors in his lung has shrunk. He'll still need surgery to get that bad boy out of there, but he's a strong dude with a great attitude. He's been, along with his wife, Liz, a great friend to Dori and me.

I ran 4.5 good recovery miles yesterday on moderate terrain in 85 degrees and 58% humidity. I was a bit sore from Saturday's 11 miler, but the oil can (moving everything again) helps the Tin Man get loose after a mile or so. I'm planning to do a short run tonight ... probably some junk mileage while my sister hangs with the kids.


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