Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dori update and a grab bag

I have a lot on my mind, but don't know where to begin. Dori said I should post "random Jimmy thoughts." I'll do that, but first just another update on Dori, in addition to what we posted earlier today on CaringBridge.

Dori's blood pressure is good, and her temp went down from 101 last night to 98.6 today. Her room and a few others on this floor, on the other hand, are really warm right now. The maintenance folks are out in the hall trying to fix.

Leroy, one of the care practitioners here, is going to shave Dori's head in a few minutes. It's time, Dori said. Most of her hair already is gone, and the eyelashes and eyebrows are next, I'm told. I think Will will be fine when he see's his Mom bald, but Kathryn has been talking a lot about this. They'll be a little shocked at first, then they'll adjust well, if I know our children.

OK, here are the random thoughts:

- The nurses and care practitioners on the 11th floor at VUMC are phenomenal. Yes, they're professional, but they have so much patience and character to be doing what they do so well. Blanche, one of the head nurses, told me today the staff members up here request to work here. Wanting to be in the game is huge, but why else are they so good? I think most of them have seen a lot and know how to catch things early. They know how to leave work at work. They live healthy, balanced lives. They have a passion for healing people. Dori and the other patients are in tremendous hands.

- Like Dori, I miss the routine we had. I'm not complaining, because there's a reason I am where I am right now. I just miss the same ol same ol. Dori and I know we have been blessed in this life many times over. No matter how hard we try, all of us take things for granted. I'm sure I will again when things return to normal, but I bet it won't be as often.

- Dori and I are raising two amazing children. I look at them every day through this, and just think ... these kids get it. They are loving people who laugh a lot and make others around them feel good. They're smart, witty, polite and observant, and they have a boatload of friends who are good people. I better stop ... these are random ruminations. Just check out the new pics I posted the other day on Dori's CaringBridge site. Photos don't lie.

- I don't know what's going on in the world right now. I don't miss it, to be honest. I do know I don't make for good conversation on current events these days. I just know I still don't admire Paris Hilton, while being truly in awe how some can care how Ms. Rich B***h is getting along.

- I really love Dori's sister, Kathy, and my sister, Anne. They are from the same mold. Kathy and her husband, Nathan, are also raising two great kids - Parker and Claire. We spent a week last summer with them and had a ball. My sister, Anne, is a giver, just like my Mom. If she likes you, watch out ... you will be loved and taken care of. Her two cats, Olive and Woody, must be very happy.

Leroy will be here soon. Time to shave. I've told Dori several times he won't be shaving her smile and her cute nose freckle. All hell will break loose if he does.


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