Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kids enjoying Mom time

Kathryn, Will and I are with Dori in the hospital room. They are having a good time after spending a few days at my Mom's. Kathryn is cleaning out and organizing Dori's fridge and Will is getting a head rub from Mom.

Dori is getting her head shaved today. I think she's going to do fine with it. There are some bigger picture items on her plate, of which she's aware. She has some wonderful "head gear," including hats from her sister's chemo two years ago (breast cancer in remission), a pink VU baseball hat from Coach Corbin, a cool brown baseball hat with a pink heart from Mariesa Snell, and knitted hats from step-mom Peggy. I predict the two baseball hats will get the most "Dori head time."

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to run with Ann DeNunzio. We met up at Radnor Lake, ran through the park, down Franklin Road and Robertson Academy, over to Lealand, Glendale and Lone Oak, and then back down Belmont Park Terrace. Total for me: 8.7 miles, 1:20:46, or a 9:17 pace. It wasn't hot (72 degrees), but very soupy (83% humidity). I felt at some parts of the run I was breathing water. I was so wet from head to toe that I probably lost five pounds of water.

Ann is a Roadrunner, while I'm more like a buffalo. I can still run; there's just more inertia when I do. I think I'm on pace for a good half marathon. Today's run had some good hills. Virginia Beach will be flat. Ann slowed down for me today to a manageable pace (she wanted to go 8:45 or faster, but graciously ran with the buffalo). Maybe I can show her a better pace soon with less humidity.

Church this morning was empty, but friends Heather and Kris Kemp were there, as always. They are good folks to talk to ... very grounded and positive, and they love Dori. Our whole Game Club (we meet monthly) has been fantastic ... Mariesa, Monica McDougal, Marian and Michael Kohl, Michael Cooper and Bethany Jackson, Mary Belle Grande ... all of them. I thank you for being such good friends. Dori has talked about you all. We still owe you some BBQ and fun when we're back home.

Have a great week everyone. Play the Top 5 in the previous post for some fun. Dori, the kids and I are going for a walk in the hall.


Weekly training log
Monday: 4.35 miles, 37:30, 8:37 pace, 84 and sunny, moderate terrain
Tuesday: Strength and conditioning
Wednesday: Firecracker 5K race, 24:09, 7:47 pace, 72 and 70% humidity, mostly flat with one hill; (finished 302 out of about 1,400, 38 out of 102 in 40-44 age group)
Thursday: Rest day, some swimming
Friday: 5.0 miles, 41:30, 8:18 pace, treadmill
Saturday: Rest day, swimming
Sunday: 8.7 miles, 1:20:46, 9:17 pace, 72 and 83% humidity, moderate to hilly terrain

Total: 21.2 miles


Anonymous said...

jim -
one great treat i have always rewarded myself after long runs is a powerade slushy from sonic. de-lish - and after a 8 mile run on a day like today - you've earned it!
donna clements

Jim said...

My gosh, Donna ... that is one of my post-run treats! I get the 44 oz. blue slushy ... great rehydration. Jim