Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Touched by many

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Here's a great photo of Dori with the kids today. I'll also include on her CaringBridge page.

Dori continues to be loved by so many. Today, friends Michael Cooper, Scott McConnell, Mariesa Snell and Russell Palk came by. It's a fairly steady flow of great people who care about other people. I am glad they care about Dori.

Dori's friends are helping keep mailmen busy. She gets several cards a day, and received a wonderful care package from Catherine Johnson and a great book and food basket from my Aunt Renee. She received some DVDs from SBA friend Carol Dunn and very nice pajamas from Mariesa and Monica McDougall. I am just scratching the surface of so many wonderful gestures. We've had many great meals lately, including some tasty grub from Jennifer Burns, Kathryn's SBA basketball coach, and Denise Shaw, who replicated Dori's chicken and dumplings recipe to perfection. All of you ROCK!

Kathryn, Will and I had a good pep talk this morning. We rehashed some previous conversations and then talked about how we can take out frustration better (not on each other or ourselves). There are better ways (exercise, asking God for strength, thinking good thoughts when bad ones pop in our heads, and preparing in advance for tough situations that will likely occur). They agreed to make a go of it. The last few days have been hard, but today has been much better.

I took out my frustrations on a poor treadmill at the Green Hills YMCA today. I ran a 40:58 5-miler, then a cooldown mile. I felt strong after Sunday's 11 miler, but didn't want to go near a training cliff. So I snuck in some stomach work (Lord knows I need it) and called it a day.


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