Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I've been reminded many times since Dori has been in the hospital why she's my soulmate. One of them is how hard we laugh at The Office. It's so irreverent and politically incorrect, and so unlike who we are as people, yet we both get and love that silly show.

Dori especially likes Michael, who "runs" Dunder-Mifflin. Her second favorite character is laid-back Stanley, the African-American who is the exact opposite of wound-up Michael, whose mouth runneth over.

I like those two, but have to put my chips on a few others - boisterous Todd Packer, who appears every three or four shows, Dwight Schrute, assistant to the regional manager, and Toby, the HR manager who actually has written and co-produced several shows. I also like pitiful Jan, Michael's boss. Funny, another favorite character is delusional Rose on Two and a Half Men. Why do hapless people make me laugh? Rut-roh. That's a couchful of canned worms for Dori to sort through once she's back at full strength and focused again on keeping me out of trouble!

I did some modest lifting before tomorrow's 5K. I also paid the bills, tidied up, did another load of laundry (the key is not to let it build up!) and got the kids to camp and a friend's house on time, among several activities.

I was with Dori today from 9-1:30. Her biopsy lasted 40 minutes (full details on CaringBridge linked on this page). We are praying for good news (empty marrow) while preparing for both scenarios. We are optimistic and appreciate the thousands of prayers our family and friends are saying every day.


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