Monday, July 30, 2007

Five weeks until VB Half

My Virginia Beach Half Marathon is 35 days away. Last week's training went well. The only thing that's been missing is some speed work, which I plan to fit in this week.

Schedules did not align yesterday, so Ann DeNunzio and I could not do our weekly long run together. So it was off to the Y yesterday afternoon. I shook off some blahs and ran some 9:13 miles, then some 9:05s. At around four miles, I started feeling OK, so I dropped down to some 8:57s and 8:49s. I finished my 11th mile in 8:41. Final time: 1:39:08, or a 9:01 pace. My heart rate reached a reasonable 155 BPM. Projected 13.1 yesterday was a 1:57:18. If conditions are good in VB, I think I can get sub 1:55. My PR is a 2:06 (twice in 2006), so there is much time to shave on Sept. 2.

Dori, my sister Anne and I are at Hotel Vandy talking about lots of stuff. One topic is how we used to look at people who had been through chemo (bald and feeling ill). We used to feel sorry for them, even self conscious. Now, I have a completely different view - I want to convey strength, determination and admiration. Will asked Mom recently if she will be wearing a hat or a wig when she gets out of the hospital. He said he's concerned she might scare his friends with a hat or cap. Anne is helping Dori get a wig, so all seven-year-olds will be able to roam the streets free of chancing upon a very cute bald woman.

Weekly training recap

Monday - 4.5 miles, untimed, 85 degrees, 58% humidity, moderate terrain
Tuesday - 3.2 miles, untimed, warm, moderate terrain
Wednesday - 7.0 miles, 1:00:10, 8:35 pace, treadmill
Thursday - Strength and stretching
Friday - 5.0 miles, 44:47, 8:57 pace, 82 degrees, 65% humidity, half hilly/half flat
Sunday - 11 miles, 1:39:08, 9:01 pace, treadmill

Total miles: 30.7 miles


lcreekmo said...

I can't believe your race is so soon. Keep up the good work!

On the other note, I have always found it to be a real parenting challenge, to help kids understand people who look "different" in whatever way. I read something that I thought was very said that often our first reaction is to hush up a child who asks a question about a wheelchair, bald person, what have you. But that the better thing to do is always just answer, Mr. Smith uses that wheelchair to get around because his legs don't work as well as yours....Ms. Jones took some medicine that was so strong, it made her hair fall out, but it will grow back soon.....etc.

I try, but sometimes I find that very hard to do. ;)

It's always interesting to me, as well, what things children notice and what things they don't. Your son is so thoughtful to be concerned about things like that....I know you all are so proud of both your kids.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your training is going famously. I am impressed!
We were so very happy to hear the good news about Dori and Nora and Isabella and I lit a candle for Dori after mass yesterday. I did think yesterday's readings were written for her!
Warm wishes--

Anonymous said...

Jim, I am glad to hear you are still training for VB. You must have a 30-hour day to take care of Dori and children. I think you can break 2 hours in the half-marathon. Call me if you are interested in speed work or intervals.

Of course your recent posts are great news. Dori, get well soon. You are in our prayers.

Chuck Hargrove