Friday, July 20, 2007

Last day of chemo

Today is the final day of Dori's chemo. The kids and I will visit Mom later this morning and tell her how proud we are of her. This round was harder than the first for Dori, which was tough to watch at times but also inspiring to see Dori emerge in a positive way. She smiled and laughed all day yesterday. It filled my heart. We heard about the ups and downs of chemo from many, and are certainly experiencing them. The biopsy is scheduled for Monday. We need a win.

Kathryn had a sleepover last night with good friend Suzanne Eastwood, while Will went to the pool yesterday with his Grancy and buddy Henry Mangialardi. My Dad took sister Anne and me to Jimmy Kelly's for a very good beefsteak tomato salad and steak dinner. We conducted the usual Brown ribbing session. It was good to get out.

It was Boys Night on Belmont Park Terrace last night. Will slept with me, along with our dog, Pepper. Will tends to be more emotional than Kathryn, who can shed a tear but not as often as her brother. When Will got weepy last night, I asked him if he remembered what I said to him Sunday. He did, that I said "This sucks," and it's OK to let it out whenever he feels like it. I also continue to promise him that we will get through this as a family. We said our prayers last night for Mom, then went to sleep. I know most of you know how proud we are of our two children. It does suck they have to go through this. He also knows we won't use the word "suck" with our friends or at school, just whenever we feel the need as a family.

Wednesday was spent on strength and stretching. I ran a 5-mile run at the Y yesterday afternoon in 41:27, or an 8:17 pace. Started at 8:57 and ended at 8:00 pace. HR was a little high (167) at the end of the run, but back down to 109 three minutes after. I may run some junk distance today before a long run tomorrow. It's supposed to be cool tomorrow. Seems like this summer has been cooler and less humid than other years ... am I imagining things?

By the way, friends, I love hearing from you. I have enjoyed your posts. If you have a thought, please share; if not, let us know you've been stopping by. Have a great weekend and thanks for lifting up Dori and our family.



lcreekmo said...


I am so proud of your family -- but not surprised -- for the care and love you're showing for your children through this. I know it's got to take so much effort just to deal with your daily allotment right now, but it sounds like you are doing over and above. How awesome that your family and friends are helping to take care of all of you. I think your running [and Dori's ongoing exercising!!] are helping both of you stay strong. Never mind the faith, family and friends. Keep going, and you will get to the goal.

Jim said...


Your support has been infectious. I appreciate all the good thoughts from my friends at Hammock. You guys are awesome. Looking forward to seeing what Lena and the Hammock team will do at next year's CMM.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking on this site daily...thanks for the inspiration! I turned 40 this year and have vowed to "get back into shape"...your site inspires me to make that 5 mile walk each has also inspired my brother and his family to know that you are doing this for the L&L reasearch...they are grateful for the fundraising efforts and pray for a good outcome for the test on Monday,too.

Our family is pretty familiar w/ the bone marrow center...we thank you for spreading the word to those who don't about how to register etc.

It is so great that you both are exercising through all of this...I truly beieve that it will not only help your bodies, but soothe your minds/souls also.

My mother is just now finishing up 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments (after a 5 month course of really aggressive chemo)and , as she puts it, "the sun has begun to shine again". She wanted me to tell you that "this too shall pass and that all will be well again...just a bumpy road getting back there." You remain in her thoughts too.

Sorry to ramble...take care of yourself and please let us know if we can do something real! As you know, we are yankees from New England and never want to intrude into your family's space, but are here, ready, willing and able to offer assistance whenever you may need it!

Enjoy the "cold one" deserve it!!
Elizabeth Antony

Jim said...


I'm in the hospital with Dori and she really identified with your Mom's situation. So glad to hear things are looking up for her. We'll keep her in our prayers.

You're right about the exercise. It does soothe mind and soul.

Will would love to get together with William before school starts. Let's talk this week.