Thursday, July 12, 2007

'It's good for you.'

"It's good for you."

Yep, that's what Dori said this morning when I pressed her for an answer to, "Do you enjoy the fact your husband is doing all the laundry, dishes, sweeping, vaccuuming, bill-paying, errands, shopping and other chores?"

At first, she said she wished she were home doing these things. Of course, that is very true. She wants to be home in a big way after a month in the hospital. But I think she appreciates that I have been exposed fully to everything she does for our family. Guys, two things and let's be real - Women got the short end of the stick and be sure to do more than you're doing to help around the house. It will be good for your marriage.

So VU is losing Gordon Gee? I think he has been a great chancellor. I never saw Joe Wyatt in my four years at VU, but Gee is everywhere. He has helped grow the university in so many areas and the school is no longer viewed as snobby, for the most part. Gee and others have been accessible and approachable. I especially love what he did in athletics - the restructuring, though utopian and idealistic, really does send a message that college athletics is about the long-term value students have in our society rather than segregating athletes and treating them like professionals. Sure, VU takes the mighty NCAA money like other SEC schools, but our kids graduate and stay out of trouble, while performing at a high level. Ohio State reclaims a great leader. I hope VU stays the course. We need to keep David Williams and the board needs to insist the status quo on the athletic reorganization.

I ran an untimed 3 miles this morning with our rescued dog, Pepper. He had a ball, and I enjoyed a leisurely trot in 63 degree, non-sticky weather. Pepper and I repelled a three-dog attack. Earlier, I tried to catch a spider on our kitchen floor to kill it. When I did, the spider birthed hundreds of babies. I killed every one, except the mother, which is now in our yard. Are these two incidents metaphors for Dori's leukemia being wiped out? I like to think so.

We should know results soon from the biopsy. We're ready again for both scenarios, but I have a better feeling about this one. I'm usually right about these things. Pray that I am again.


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