Monday, July 23, 2007

Four biopsies

Dori has now completed four biopsies, the last one less than two hours ago. She just ate some food I picked up from the cafeteria - two pesto pizza roll-ups that she devoured. Great job on all fronts by Big Rabbit.

Dori mentioned some of the things she has loved or appreciated since being in the hospital. They include the teddy bear from our children, Werthan's sugar free coffee drops in the neat gift basket from my co-workers, the pajamas from Heather, all the iTunes gift cards and DVDs, her new baseball caps, the Panera lunches from Jan and Faye, the praying shawl from Laura, and the "flower" from the McCormicks. Every gift has been special, really.

Dori asked me today what good has come from this ordeal, from my standpoint. "Seeing all the love," I said quickly. Our children have noticed "how many people are doing nice things for us." Your prayers and thoughtfulness just continue to amaze us. Thank you again on behalf of all of us.

Dori and I have had an emotional day today, complete with reprofessing our love for each other. I so want to see Dori home - for her. Dori calls leukemia a "double whammy" - you get to go through chemo and then you don't get to go home. She is thinking about how to help people in her situation down the road. Not surprising.

I plan to run 5 easy miles this afternoon. Here's the training recap from last week. Thank you for your prayers for good biopsy results this week.

Weekly training recap
Tuesday - 9 miles, 1:21:14, 9:01 pace, treadmill
Wednesday - Strength and stretching
Thursday - 5 miles, 41:27, 8:17 pace, treadmill
Friday - 3.86 miles, 31:26, 8:08 pace, 82 degrees, 34% humidity, moderate terrain
Saturday - 11.0 miles (unofficial, may have been 10.9 miles), 1:34:41, 8:36 pace, 62 degrees and 65% humidity, moderate terrain

Total miles: 28.9 miles

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