Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Leukemia fundraising update

Here's an update on my/your effort to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (and some other good news). First, I thought I'd share something Dr. Greer at Vanderbilt told me last week.

He said the clinical trials for leukemia and related diseases are really in high gear and producing meaningful results. He said it wouldn't be possible without the generosity from so many people who want to beat these diseases. I've related to you all before that these efforts aren't solely for Dori but for all the leukemia patients who have and will be impacted by blood and marrow cancers. These diseases are like thieves in the night.

To date, you all have contributed $8,975, or 18% of my goal for the Sept. 2 Virginia Beach Half Marathon. There will be 20,000 runners at this year's half, and organizers expect $1.3 million will be raised for seven causes, which includes LLS. Dori thinks my goal of $50,000 is ambitious. Perhaps, especially since almost all of my time these days is spent being Mom, husband and runner in training. I am encouraged, however, on many fronts.

First, those who have already given have made very generous contributions. I can tell some friends really dug down deep to express their love for Dori and others and to encourage her in this fight. I will be in touch with a more personal thank you down the road, but THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT - ALL OF YOU.

Second, I am encouraged to hear that people like Becky Reese, a good high school friend of Dori, has started raising significant money for LLS at an upcoming event in Colorado. Add her early efforts, and we're nearly at $10,000, or 20%. If any of you are doing something similar, please let me know and we'll aggregate all these efforts.

Third, I know many people who haven't contributed who are planning to do so. Fourth, I am hopeful some substantial contributions are forthcoming, and I plan to turn over a few other stones before September. One other note: If you are a frequent visitor to this site and/or a contributor, please consider forwarding this blog entry and the link to my Make Cures Happen page (it's on the left).

The end goal is to make a substantial impact on beating and treating leukemia and related diseases. I think it's one way you and I can show support for Dori, along with getting on the National Marrow Donor list (July 18 post). But let's be frank, the most gratifying thing will be to see Dori kick leukemia in its scrawny little a**.


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